Haulen Ass Q & A

Q: How does the Low Profile Backrest mount to the bike?

A: The Low Profile Backrest mounts to the rear passenger seat mounting hole and to a hole that is 8" forward from that.

Q: Does the backrest scratch the fender?

A: The backrest does not come into direct contact with the fender ever.  We supply you with a protective rubber pad that extends slightly past the edges of the backrest.

Q: What is the difference between the cheaper backrest and the more expensive one?

A: The cheaper of the two backrests with pads is supplied with a smaller pad which is 4"x6" and works with seats that are 2.5" tall.  The more expensive one is 6"x6" and works with seats 3.5" tall.

Q: Will part # HA-FXD-CBR1 work on a 2004 and newer sportster?

A: HA-FXD-CBR1 will not work on the 2004 and newer sportsters but will work on all 1986-2003 Sportsters.  Harley changed some things for 2004 and newer and thus we had to as well.  If you are looking for a backrest for your 2004 and newer you want part # HA-XL-CBR2

Q: Can I modify the backrest to change its application?

A: NEVER modify your backrests form!  The backrest is designed to its fullest potential for regular riding conditions.  Any modification or bending can compromise the integrity of the material.

Q: Does the Haulen Ass Backrest come in black?

A: Not at this time.

Q: How sturdy is the Haulen Ass Backrest?

A: The backrest is extremely sturdy.  We put the backrests to the test at the Rochester Institute of Technology and tested weight capacities and also had a material analysis done at IMR Test Labs.

Q: Will the Haulen Ass Tail Light License Plate Mount work on a Dyna?

A: Unfortunately it will not.  The softail uses four mounting screws where the dyna uses two screws and two pins.

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